Advanced Product Templates

by Disruptive Advantage

Quick and easy creation of new products including all required related data

Create Products in Seconds

Advanced Product Templates (APT) saves you time, increases efficiency and removes the risk of data entry errors.  With APT your team can very quickly set up a new product including all related data including Product attributes, Default Order Settings, Product Variants, Unit conversions, item prices, BOMs, and much more.


Use Templates for Data Migration

If you are migrating product data to Dynamics 365 using Data management, you will know this means filling out lots of spreadsheets just to be able to create a single product.  APT makes this process very simple, by using product templates you can streamline mass loading of product data with only item number, name, and the template you want to use.


Use Templates for Integration

Do you want to create Product Data in Dynamics 365 from another system such as from a CRM or PDM system? Just send the basic item details to our auto-create engine, along with a template name e.g. Finished Good, Raw Material and your product will be created from a template with all related data within seconds.


Dynamically create BOMs or Formulas

For manufacturers that often create new Bill of Materials or Formulas, with our powerful multi-create feature use BOM templates which automatically and intelligently create new products and add the products to a new or existing BOM or formula as required.


New Product Activities

Choose to trigger activities automatically when a product is created, or you can opt to block the product from being used until your team completes the required actions.  During the process, a New Product Case is created, wherein all related details can be captured, and activities can be tracked.

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