Strabo BigCommerce Connector

by Strabo Partners, Inc.

Connect Dynamics 365 F&O Directly to BigCommerce with a connector built directly into Dynamics 365!

Built directly into Dynamics 365, Strabo Partners' Dynamics365 Connector for BigCommerce is built by people who know both Dynamics 365 and BigCommerce. With a fully integrated solution, gone are the days of needing to learn another cumbersome piece of middleware that wasn't built or tailored to any specific solutions!

Key Features Include:

  • Sync Inventory between Dynamics 365 and BigCommerce
  • Push orders from BigCommerce to Dynamics 365
  • Shipment notifications from Dynamics 365 to BigCommerce, including support for advanced warehousing
  • Supports partial shipment notifications to BigCommerce
  • Ability to use existing customers, one-time customers, guest customers, or new account creation from BigCommerce to Dynamics 365
  • Capture payment information and send it directly to Dynamics 365 with automatic settlement functionality
  • Built directly in Dynamics 365 for robust transaction handling

At a glance