PartnerLinQ -Unified digital connectivity solution

by Visionet Systems, Inc

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Connect partner ecosystem & eCommerce channels with Azure native solution for EDI & Real-Time APIs

PartnerLinQ puts you in complete control of your supply chain connectivity. It delivers end-to-end visibility and control via deep connectivity across your supply chain network, eCommerce channels, service providers, and all types of supply chain partners across the globe. Whether you send/receive/process a few thousand or tens of millions of transaction every month, PartnerlinQ's is available to you based on pay as you go model.

Optimize Finance & Operations

  • Native integration with D365 F&O, D365, and Business Central to deliver an EDI-ready ERP
  • Rapid partner onboarding by leveraging thousands of pre-configured EDI transactions and partner mappings
  • Collaborative vendor management
  • Rule-based order prioritization and allocation
  • Multi-channel inventory visibility

Connected Commerce:

  • Integrated DTC and B2B digital selling with Dynamics Commerce and/or third-party platforms
  • API support for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Jet, Amazon, DHL, UPS, and other online commerce channels

  • Built-in AS2 solution for faster, secure, and cost-effective business communication
  • Unified management and workflow for all business communication channels

Resilient Supply Chain:

  • Efficient business rule manager for frictionless partner onboarding
  • Easy-to-manage and supports a wide variety of EDI, XML, and API standards
  • Infinitely scalable, cutting-edge, server-class architecture on Azure platform to handle extreme seasonal spikes
  • Instant alerts on critical issues to help ‘on-the-fly’ remediation, without any hardcoding
  • Shipment and tracking support for small packages
  • Process-driven architecture to deliver beyond traditional point-to-point EDI interchange 

Business Operations Analytics & Customer Insights:

  • Ready integration with AI-enabled systems to gain insights and drive deep customer engagement
  • Advanced analytical reporting capabilities powered by Azure’s serverless, scalable event-processing engine
  • Browser-based access with built-in reporting capabilities

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