Contract Lifecycle Management-Contracts 360

by Aligned Business Solutions, LLC

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Comprehensive Cloud Based Contract Lifecycle Management

Aligned’ s Contracts 360 is available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps platform to provide functionality specific to companies that perform on Government Contracts.
Acquiring and managing Government Contracts demands industry specific information, processes, mandated requirements and decision making tools.
Throughout the lifecycle of a contract or subcontract, there are key data elements, relationships and progress information that must be tracked, decided upon and successfully acted upon. Management needs a clear view into this information and activity as well as a tool to enforce mandates. Contracts 360 provides a complete 360 degree view of the contract lifecycle. From Vehicles to task/delivery orders to sub-subcontracts you can track all communicative information in a seamless environment. Documents, emails, appointments and workflows are all stored within the appropriate entity for quick and easy retrieval.
Contracts 360 features:
  • Portals provide ease of interaction with partners.
  • Dashboards deliver Operational and Executive Information with real time record drill down capability.
  • Microsoft native integrations (Office, Email, Calendar, Documents, Teams) allow the Organization to work in a fully informed, highly effective and efficient manner.
  • Microsoft Cloud allows team members to work in a highly secure environment from any location.
  • AI calls out risky contract provisions.
  • Full Lifecycle support: Budget Management, Aquisition Management, Program, Contract and Operations Management.
Contracts 360 functionality:
  • Supports recurring contract life cycles so you never lose your historical research.
  • Complete library of Clauses & Provisions that can be grouped and categorized for quick and easy assignment to contracts.
  • Manage any type of vehicle, including: IDIQ's, BOA's, MAC's & GSA Schedules.
  • Track all contract types: MAC, Stand-alone, IDIQ, Schedules and unlimited task orders.
  • Tracks Contracts, Delivery/Task Orders, Subcontracts and Sub Subcontracts.
  • Comprehensive CLIN, SLIN, ACRN and CLIN delivery schedule tracking capability.
  • Complete modification management capability against any contract type or level.
  • Integrates with ABS' Capture 360 Contractor 360 to provide:
    • Auto creation of opportunities from modifications.
    • Auto creation of Delivery Orders and Vehicles from Awarded Opportunities.
  • Seamlessly and effectively manage prime contractor, subcontractor and customer relationships.
  • Proactively track contract and subcontract submissions and submission deadlines.
  • Identify key contacts, roles and contact information for contract’s/subcontract’s.
  • Tracks Gov’t Furnished Property & Equipment.

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