by Chorus Software Solutions

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EHR built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to empower Behavioral Health organizations

AutismCare built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is an all-in-one robust EHR solution empowering Behavioral Health organizations.

The ultimate solution to increase operational efficiencies, coordinated care, clinical outcomes, and maximum reimbursement.

Autism Care offers a broad feature set that unifies and manages all aspects of a Behaviroal Health organization:

    • 360° patient relationship management
    • Practitioner relationship and credentialing management
    • Authorization management
    • Schedule management & optimization
    • Care Plan management, insights and analytics
    • Intuitive mobile app for care teams

360° patient relationship management offers the organization a holistic view and enhances patient engagement. Structured clinical and operational data is leveraged used for deep insights and automation. Care coordination overhead is steeply reduced by advanced scheduling capabilities. Robust authorization management allows for the organization to maintain clinical compliance while maximizing utilization and reimbursement.

AutismCare integrates with Chorus’ Revenue Cycle Management modules to seamlessly automate eligibility verification, claim submission, remit posting, and denial management. The solution is built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare which opens many integration opportunities and high value efficient workflows. Features can be further customized to the organization’s workflow with Microsoft Dynamics customization capabilities. Data is always available on demand to allow for clinical and operational insights.

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