Power PRM by Netwise - Partner Relationship Management (PRM) for Dynamics 365

by Netwise S.A.

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Power PRM is a stand-alone Partner Relationship Management solution built on Power Platform

Power PRM is the only Partner Management Relationship solution built on Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Azure, natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Key features include:

Partner Management & 360º View

- A single source of truth about the Partner

- All data, activities, communications, projects and initiatives in one place

- History of executed actions and projects

Visits, Reviews, & Audits Planning

- Planning visits, evaluations and audits

- Audit templates (checkpoints/questions)

- Summary report and conclusions

Communication & Collaboration

- Swift communication with partners and sales network employees

- Initiating and executing interactions (single tasks, single or mass messages)

Growth, Improvement Identification & Planning

- Planning and analysis of the potential on the base of audits, scoring, etc.

- Apply and coordinate ’next best actions’ - launch dedicated projects

Defining Goals& KPIs

- Custom metric definitions – KPI Tiles

- Defining and monitoring goals and KPIs

- KPIs in the context of the partner, common projects, etc.

Document Database & Repository

- Contextual repository of documents and files (partner's docs, project’s docs)

- File card with metadata and notification capability

Co-Selling Projects & Development Funds

- Share and follow up on your sales projects/potentials (common deals

- Support and empower your partners with dedicated funds

Knowledge Base & Training Hubs

- Managed database of knowledge and articles (shared with the partner)

- Managed training (shared with the partner) and supervised its execution

Request & Issue Management

- Request and complaint handling (e.g. partner's issues, employee questions)

- Automatic handling (dedicated queues and distribution rules)

Dashboards, Reports and Insights

- Network and back-office efficiency analysis

- Executive and operational dashboards, reports and insights

Self-Service Partner Portal

- Self-care and support for partners and their employees

- A modern communication hub and a space for conducting co-processes

Integration with other systems

- Swift integration capabilities with back-office and org. domain solutions

- Capability to integrate with back office systems: ERP, CRM, Billing, SB, BPMS

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