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Send SMS (text messages) from Excel spreadsheets with touchSMS

touchSMS simplifies SMS communication via direct integrations with Microsoft 365 products.

Once enabled, the touchSMS for Excel Add-In will allow you to send SMS (text messages) directly from your spreadsheet, without the need to import or transfer data into any other platform/program.

Export or open an Excel spreadsheet from any source (your database, CRM, or contact management software) containing your contact’s details and click on the touchSMS Add-In button to start sending. No time wasted importing or reformatting files – send directly from the spreadsheet.

In Excel, simply click and drag to highlight cells/columns containing the information you want to include in your message (including mobile numbers). The data from the selected columns will be available to insert as a merge field when composing your message. This means, whether you are sending to 10 or to 10,000 contacts, each message can be personalised. You will be able to shuffle through a preview of messages with the merged data to ensure it looks just as it should.

A Campaign Summary will detail the number of recipients and cost of the campaign before sending, so you can keep track of sending and spending. You then have the option of sending immediately or scheduling your message to send at a later date and time. Once submitted, you can view comprehensive reporting of your campaign in touchSMS, which includes live delivery status.

*Currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

The features of touchSMS for Excel:

  • Send SMS to a handful or 1000’s contacts directly from your Excel spreadsheet
  • Preview messages before sending
  • Campaign Summary calculates cost before sending
  • Send immediately or Schedule SMS for a later date/time
  • View live delivery statuses for SMS sent

touchSMS Prepaid SMS Platform - 5c per SMS (5c per credit - 1 credit per Australian SMS & 2 credits per NZ SMS. Pricing in AUD) - no strings attached.

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Why SMS is so effective?

With almost as many handsets in circulation as there are people on earth, SMS is perhaps the most widely accepted form of communication available. 98% of text messages are read by their intended recipient with 3 minutes of delivery. The immediacy and rate of successful delivery make it more effective for reminders, alerts, and notifications than email.

SMS is who we are.

With two decades of experience in mobile technology, touchSMS are leaders in the development and integration of SMS conversational tools. Whatever your objective, touchSMS can offer a simple, sometimes automated, solution to ensure SMS communication is effectively implemented into your marketing or transactional channels. At its core, touchSMS is a pre-paid cloud-based SMS solutions hub; send or schedule SMS campaigns, receive replies, import contacts, view live delivery reporting, interact using the SMS Chat, integrate SMS into other systems using our APIs, and more.

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