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Make dashboards fun with this award-winning Aquarium visualization

Add a splash of excitement to your analytics!

The Enlighten Aquarium combines the thrill of gamification with the power of Power BI to create a memorable and fun visual that drives competition and engagement.

More than meets the eye

Beyond the fun, Enlighten Aquarium is an Engagement Visual, a powerful tool for driving greater employee interaction and breathing life into data and internal initiatives. It's not just about making a visual impact; it's about fostering real and lasting behavior change.

  • Brand Your Initiatives: Customize the Aquarium to match your company branding, making each campaign distinctive and catchy.
  • Stand Out: Transform typical reports into vibrant, living dashboards that capture attention and don't just blend in.
  • Drive Engagement: Encourage friendly rivalry with a gamified visual that's more engaging and interactive, making reports sticky and driving a culture of data-driven impact.
  • Popular Use Cases:

    • Sales: Motivate sales teams by visualizing performance against targets.
    • HR: Add a splash of color and fun to the office and have people wanting to dive into your data.
    • Customer Service: Promote service objectives and see CX engagement thrive!

    Free Features:

    Use data and formatting options to control the creatures in the classic Aquarium, including:

    • Size
    • 3 fish species to choose from

    Upgrade to Professional:

    The latest version of the Enlighten Aquarium brings a fresh new design and some cool new creatures with the Professional plan.

    Enrich your story by adding extra dimensions and enhanced interface options, including:

    • Additional Sea Floor theme with 5 fish species
    • Attach data to control speed and depth
    • Add Data Labels
    • Add a Y Axis and gridlines
    • Unlimited colors

    Click the BUY NOW button above to start creating dashboards that will have your team clamoring to find their fish!

    Enlighten Designs

    Enlighten Designs is a Microsoft-based innovation studio specializing in the art of telling data-driven stories to deliver exceptional customer value. In 2016 we became the Delivery partner for Microsoft’s Data Journalism Program.

    Power BI Best Visual - People’s Choice Award 2016

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