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Perform variance analysis with 5+ chart options, running sum, breakdown analysis, formatting & more!

Illustrate how an opening value becomes a final value through a series of intermediate additions and subtractions. Include time-based or category-based values to reveal the story behind the net change in value and understand the effects of incremental changes such as gain or loss over expense or sales or any other variable having relevance over time or multiple variables and categories.

xViz Waterfall Chart for Power BI efficiently enables you to display the cumulative effects of sequential positive and negative values contributing to the final total. It is also known as cascade or bridge charts and is very popular in the financial world. Some of the common use cases for waterfall charts are for visualizing the P&L statements, cash flows, expenses management, etc.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Multiple chart options – stacked waterfall with column totals, simple/running sum breakdown, only values/ all measures waterfall chart with ability to perform variance analysis
  • Runtime Interactivity:
    • Ranking based on Top/ Worst performing categories
    • Lasso, Reverse Lasso, Zoom – report end-users can toggle zoom and lasso with a single click using utility menu
    • Deviation bar – analyze difference between 2 bars with runtime deviation
    • Advanced sorting – sort based on values, categories, variance and variance %
  • Display intermediate sum – display subtotals along with the final total at any point within the chart
  • Conditional Formatting – highlight outliers based on set rules, to gain insights on your data
  • Annotations – collaborate with other users with dynamic annotation/commenting. It also enables interactive storytelling by highlighting specific datapoints
  • Drilldown – use the breadcrumb feature to breakdown to multiple levels of data
  • Configure Chart axis – analyze variance scenarios better with axis break feature and easily create reverse axis for enhanced analysis
  • Advanced Formatting options – format axes, axes labels, data labels, legends according to the business requirements
  • Annotation – Display comments to end users tied to specified data points or visual areas
  • Shared Tooltip – analyze individual contribution in stacked charts
  • Summary Table – gain a tabular overview to slice and filter your data

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