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Clearly visualize which factors are having the greatest impact and driving business processes.

A Pareto chart is a horizontal bar chart sorting the categories in descending order by frequency or summed count on category combined with a line chart showing the cumulative percentage representing the amount each category contributes to the total. ** Pareto charts can be used to identify significant causes with each category or cause represented by one bar. One or more of the bars will account for the majority of outcomes. Pareto charts are useful across industries and different types of processes in identifying and focusing on the most impactful contributors to a process in order to focus business decisions. ** This visual was designed to be quick and easy to use, even with hundreds of categories, while still offering customizations without the use of high maintenance measures or complicated DAX formulas. Even a small number of measures can become cumbersome if you need to display multiple Pareto charts or need to make changes quickly. ** Customizations -> fonts, colors, sizing, scrolling and resizing, label placement, text hovering to increase readability, value & currency formatting, arc percentage label density control, multiple coloring options, value placement, localizations, 1-click formatting, highlighting the process drivers, emphasizing and explaining the impact of outcomes ** Comments and Questions -> ** Ratings and Reviews ->

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