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Dynamically display images in Power BI

Image Carousel by MAQ Software

Power BI provides basic image display options, but when dealing with compact spaces or extensive image collections, you need more flexibility. Enter Image Carousel by MAQ Software—a dynamic solution that lets you cycle through up to ten images effortlessly. Whether you’re showcasing new products, project progress, or captivating visuals, this visual has you covered.

Key benefits

  • Auto-play functionality: Keep your audience engaged with automatic image transitions, complete with customizable intervals for a smooth viewing experience.
  • Interactive controls: Navigate through images with ease using play/pause buttons and scroll arrows.
  • High image capacity: Support for up to 10 images, catering to comprehensive visual storytelling or product displays.
  • Interactive zoom: Dive deeper into details with hover-enabled image zoom, providing an immersive viewing experience.
  • Fully customizable: Tailor the carousel to match your report's theme with customizable layouts and themes, ensuring a seamless integration into your data visualization.

Use cases

  • Sales and marketing: Elevate your storytelling, detail sharing, and product showcasing with vibrant, interactive images.
  • Company presence: Have dynamic displays of company details, customer testimonials, product portfolios, and more.

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support.

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