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A custom table visual with write-back capabilities

WeWrite Matrix is an advanced Power BI visual that offers direct data write-back capabilities. By integrating data entry seamlessly within Power BI, you can say goodbye to Excel headaches and hello to a more streamlined, efficient, and effective data ecosystem. WeWrite seamlessly integrates data entry within your Power BI reports. Design intuitive data entry forms that facilitate direct input, saving precious time and improving data accuracy. This functionality enhances efficiency and ensures that your data remains consistent and up-to-date. Enhancing your data management practices, WeWrite Visual ensures that your data is stored securely in a proper database. This means your data becomes a valuable asset that can be utilized across various Power BI reports, applications, or even AI models. 1. User-Friendly Planning Modules: ‍Gone are the days of complex planning processes that bog down your team's productivity. WeWrite enables the creation of user-friendly planning modules that facilitate seamless collaboration among your team members. The result? A planning process that becomes a breeze, leading to well-structured plans that can drive up to a 40% increase in business growth. Don't settle for less; with WeWrite, you can forecast, budget, and strategize effortlessly, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.‍ 2. Informed Strategic Decision-Making: ‍Navigating the complex landscape of strategic decisions is now more data-driven than ever. WeWrite empowers you to analyze multiple "what-if" scenarios, enabling you to make informed choices that align with your long-term objectives. By testing different assumptions and assessing outcomes, you can create well-thought-out plans and contingencies that mitigate risks and optimize opportunities.‍ To enable write-back mode, a license key is needed. For purchase or pricing information refer to: Once you have made the purchase, we will send you a license key via email. You have to copy it to the Service settings section in the License key field. In the Data source section, put in the table name, schema, and connection string of the database that you want to write back to. Detailed instructions are available at:

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