4MIA - Monitor, Investigate and Advise

by AccTech Systems (Pty) Ltd

4MIA is a transformation agent that acts as an advisor for the business and technology executives.

4MIA eliminates the risk of human error by acting as an advisor for the CIO and the team, assisting them to make faster decisions with information curated by experienced professionals. 4MIA provides executives with always available visibility, to unlock value across your company's IT landscape and the company as a whole.

The solution provides continuous and automated investigation, assessments, monitoring and pro-active reporting on risks or improvements in any organisation's operational and information technology landscapes 24/7/365.

Type of user that benefits from the offer:

• Chief Executive Officer

• Chief Information Officer

• Chief Financial Officer

• Chief Operating Officer

Challenges 4MIA customers face:

• Spending too much money on the company’s IT landscape – e.g. Licenses & assessments

• Considering new business models but not knowing how to adapt.

• A cluster of technology environments.

• Lack of Time – takes teams of people weeks to finish their work.

• Human Error.

• Executives lack visibility and don’t have a landscape view of environments.

• Old, legacy/redundant technology – lack of knowledge about new opportunities.

• Difficulty with scaling.

• Management of disparate landscapes.

• Identifying risks in their current IT landscapes.

• Incorrect user adoption and usage of technology.

• Unable to monitor the performance of the current landscape.

• Inaccurate reporting or usage of data.

• Bad decision-making influences time to market

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