Atlas for Bid Management

by ClearPeople

Atlas for Bid Creation and Management, Sales Proposals

Atlas streamlines the bid creation process in CRM, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, breaking down barriers and delivering the single view required to produce winning bids.

It does this by:

  • Creating bid workspace automatically from an opportunity in your CRM.
  • Providing a single digital platform for communication and knowledge exchange across different departments.
  • Surfacing relevant information fast, saving bid teams hours spent searching for and recreating content.
  • Automating processes and reducing manual effort, so that there is more time for quality bids.
  • Making it easy for employees to add structured knowledge for more effective bids.

Increase bid success

  • Quick Setup
    Create bid workspaces in less than 5 minutes, using tools that your team works on natively so you can hit the ground running.
  • Saves Hours Of Time
    Smart tools like Atlas In Focus, People Profiles and others greatly reduce time spent researching and collating information.
  • One Source of Truth
    Atlas workspaces automatically put all relevant information in a single place - whether it's housed in your CRM, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or other tools.
  • Increases Win Ratio
    Having the right information, the right team and the time to deliver a quality bid greatly increases your win ratio.

At a glance