Supplier Performance Survey Solution

by Covenant Technology Partners

A performance assessment solution that streamlines decision making for supplier management

Our Supplier Performance Survey solution streamlines the performance survey process, providing valuable insights, and ultimately enhancing the decision-making process for your organization. It's a modern, efficient, and data-driven solution that aligns with any goals for continuous improvement and strategic vendor management.
  • Comprehensive Solution: The product offers a complete package that includes a new Microsoft SharePoint structure, PowerApp, and Power Automate process tailored to your specific needs.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The survey can be duplicated and modified, allowing for targeted feedback from select groups within your team.
  • Potential Integration with Microsoft Power BI: Integrate with Power BI for reporting purposes to provide actionable insights and identify trends, improvements, or struggles in supplier performance.
  • Enhanced Data Management: The single dataset for all surveys allows for efficient data analysis.
  • User-Friendly Design: The survey process is designed to be user-friendly & mobile responsive with a straightforward process for selecting suppliers, rating them, and providing feedback. The app is conveniently separated into 2 interfaces: the user interface for completing the survey(s) and the admin interface for survey management. User guides are provided for each.
  • Automated Processes: Automated reminders and notifications are built into the system to ensure timely completion and follow-up on the surveys.
  • Actionable Outcomes: The survey aims to drive KPIs and identify action items for continued improvement, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your performance management process.

The Supplier Performance Survey solution allows for the measurement of a supplier or vendor’s performance by capturing trends, improvements or struggles, helping to drive KPIs, and identifying action items for continued improvement. This may be facilitated using Power BI for reporting purposes, which can integrate the survey data to provide actionable insights.

The performance survey process involves the following steps:
1. Survey Initiation: Users receive an email with an embedded survey link and open the survey by clicking on the link. The first screen of the survey is displayed for users to begin.
2. Vendor Selection: Users select vendors from a dropdown list. If multiple vendors are selected, the survey extends with the same 5 questions for each vendor.
3. Rating and Feedback: Users rate the performance of each vendor on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 1 star indicating low performance and 5 stars indicating high performance. Feedback is mandatory for ratings of 2 stars or lower.
4.Survey Submission: After completing the questions, users submit the survey and see a 'thank you' message for their participation.

Built in functionality:
• The survey is sent to internal stakeholders who engage with the vendors based on the schedule defined by each category.
• The ability to send surveys ad hoc for additional feedback if vendors are underperforming.
• Stakeholders are notified ahead of time about the survey and receive reminders to complete it.
The survey data for the performance survey app is analyzed using a single dataset for all surveys, which is written to by the survey app. This dataset can include data to help identify trouble spots for suppliers. The survey list is an admin list used for adding new types of surveys and selecting the target audience, which is utilized in the flow for sending out surveys. The supplier list is for adding suppliers and mapping them to the relevant survey type. The app filters out non-relevant supplier names or questions based on the survey type or types assigned to the members of the target group.

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