edison365 Open Innovation - Crowdsource ideas

by edison365

Harness the power of collective intelligence with edison365 Open Innovation platform.

Tap into an unlimited source of ideas with an open innovation platform. By embracing your entire ecosystem of stakeholders and recognising their insights, you broaden your pool of expertise and unlock perspectives for efficiency innovations and new revenue streams.

The edison365 open innovation portal enables organizations to identify areas of focus and crowdsource ideas from customers, suppliers, partners or anyone with an idea. Your internal team can view and monitor all ideas in a single platform, providing complete visibility of your innovation portfolio, along with the ability to evaluate ideas individually or against each other. Organizations can engage those who wouldn't normally have a voice within their innovation process, including front-line workers.

Example use cases for edison365 Open Innovation:
  • Volunteers and beneficiary experience: Discuss the impact of services with beneficiaries, and begin to shape improvements based on their feedback and insights.
  • New product development: Engage the entire supply chain to understand new product requirements. Select focused groups to feedback on challenges and allow them to offer expert insight, no matter where they are within the supply chain.
  • Citizen engagement: Proactively seek insights into local issues that matter the most to your citizens. Gather feedback from immediate concerns such as refuse collection through to detailed policy formation.
  • Higher education: Pose challenges to other faculties, institutes and wider communities to ensure that your research efforts are relevant.
  • Medicinal and pharmaceutical development: Access immediate solutions, ideas and end-user insight from medical professionals to enhance research and development
  • Retail: Learn from everyone in your retail supply chain about your products and/or services. Understand what improvements they can suggest, whilst also learning what customers want to see from your brand.

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