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We're developing an onboarding tool to make the start and finish of an employee's journey.

We're developing a game-changing tool to make the start and finish of an employee's journey seamless and engaging. Our mission is to swiftly transform onboarding, allowing new employees to reach peak performance in record time. We're making a tool that helps everyone involved in the onboarding process work together so new employees can start smoothly and consistently.

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What problem do we solve?

    1. Unclear Ownership No one oversees the onboarding process; duties are spread out, and this dispersed responsibility is inevitable.
    2. Preboarding Communication Breakdown After a favorable hiring decision, weak communication with new hires can lead to them abandoning the job before starting.
    3. Dropping Engagement New employees quickly lose their initial high level of enthusiasm. Elevated stress levels accompany this decline due to a lack of a unified plan, chaotic procedures, and communication gaps.
    4. Growth Challenges Scaling the onboarding process is tough to standardize.
    5. Hand-Run Tasks Relying on manual tools like Outlook, calendars, and Excel makes it nearly impossible to achieve high quality, primarily because they lack automation, integration, and real-time adaptability, leading to more human errors and inconsistencies.

Solution + value proposition

    • Guided Path is a single platform that guides employees step-by-step through their onboarding journey, starting from the hiring decision moment.
    • Collaborative Hub is a centralized space for all stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly.
    • Full Automation Complete automation of the entire onboarding process.
    • Time Efficiency Reclaiming valuable time by automating repetitive tasks, allowing for a focus on transferring essential know-how.
    • Personalized Communication: Tailor communication to each employee's unique needs and preferences.

Usage-Based Pricing: Pay only when we deliver value. We charge based on the started process.

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