FLEX AI Connected Intelligence


Connected Intelligence allows you to deploy key AI technologies such as Internal and External Bots

Re-imagine your work with our range of Flex Connected Intelligence solutions. Our solution provides the next generation of multiple Chatbots, along with deep learning AI capabilities which can accelerate enterprise AI deployment. The Flex AI Connected Intelligence range can create unified self-services insight and search experience through natural language exchange for business decision makers and for customers of all levels. The Flex Connected Intelligence can understand and assist proactively at each process steps for the customers, through machine learning of the customer behaviours and predict their questions.
The FLEX AI OneStopBot™ is a single concierge whose role is to direct users to the correct bot, Skill or 3rd party capability. The FLEX AI Concierge allows users to engage 24/7 with a constellation of Bots, Skills, information and processes whilst reducing service provision costs and increasing user satisfaction.
Always Learning: Your business isn’t static so why should your knowledge bases be? Keep pace with evolving questions, resolutions, and answers from each conversation through AI and machine learning. It understands natural language questions, learns from and adapts to user behaviour, and delivers smarter, more relevant answers over time.
Real-Time Analytics: Combines internal knowledge with other information sources to create a new level of understanding whilst providing real-time insight on a vast internet-scale of data streams across your enterprise, even from the IOT data for operation management.
Re-imagine customer and employee engagement through intelligent Bots and advance AI induced process automation that removes mundane tasks out of your employee’s daily work, thus improves Skills, Performance, Health & Well-being, Motivation, and Retention.
The FLEX AI Chatbot range are built upon Microsoft Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and Azure Cloud services with best in class customisation and automation.

The FLEX AI Connected Intelligence line up consists of:
- Connected Intelligence for Local Government
- Connected Intelligence for Central Government
- Connected Intelligence for University
- Connected Intelligence for Human Resource
- Connected Intelligence for Brand and Marketing
- Connected Intelligence for Business
- Connected Intelligence for Customer Service
- Connected Intelligence for Digital Workplace

All the Connected Intelligence offerings come with multiple chatbots and machine learning capabilities that are designed to accelerate an entire enterprise processes towards an AI driven future. The core capabilities of the Flex Connected Intelligence are:

- Customer engagement through various chatbots
- Employee engagement through conversation chatbots
- AI Neural Hub: For advanced data analytics and monitoring

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