Vibe Data Insights

by Limited

Data insights brought to life - visual and lively content actively placed in front of the workforce

Visualization of performance data that’s ‘in-your-face’

Data insights presented in a way that will align and motivate your teams (both wired and non-wired), set performance expectations and provide meaning and relevance to your company data.

Vibe integrates with your workplace applications, such as; SharePoint, Power BI, Yammer, Outlook Calendar etc to deliver automation of content, presented via Digital Screens, Screensavers, Web Browser (default home page) & Mobile Devices.

Your key information is presented with high impact visuals and animated on screen to grab attention and drive engagement. Choose from our range of data layouts or we can customize a layout to suit your specific data needs. 

By using Vibe to visualise data insights, you can;

  • Present data in near-real time
  • Reach and engage non-wired workers
  • Transform old dashboards into lively views
  • Increase the reach & retention of information

Don't settle for lacklustre dashboards any longer, inspire your team with

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