Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365

by OpenText

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Connect business applications to Office 365 content

Maximize your investment in Office 365 and Teams

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ connects your business processes and content in Office 365 to accelerate efficiencies across the enterprise.

The solution offers process-driven collaboration and integrates key business systems, such as ERP, CRM and HCM, with Office 365 for increased productivity and easier access to the information, resulting in efficient processes with compliant and controlled information. Integrated with Microsoft Purview Information Protection, Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ reduces unauthorized access to protected content and protects against data leaks.

Experience the solution and see how a sales professional creates a contract, collaborates with the contract manager, and with an external customer to confirm the contract quickly and securely in this contract management use case scenario, using Extended ECM and other Content Services from OpenText™. Try it yourself

Experience the solution
and see how a HR professional initiates a document, automated steps are kicked off, for easy collaboration and employee engagement, as well as intake of important information, all connected together enabling multiple stakeholders to facilitate HR processes efficiently, using Extended ECM and other Content Services from OpenText. Try it yourself


Automates your Teams lifecycle

  • Introduces structured content management to Teams to reduce content sprawl and make it easier for Teams users to be more productive
  • Retire teams in lockstep with business workspaces for complete lifecycle management of Teams and automatically captures all Teams content for Governance (Files, chats, recordings, wiki, notes)
  • Enhances Office 365 features with Enterprise grade information governance and records management that records managers require. Enables organizations to comply with complex regulations.

Full access to all relevant business content from Teams

  • Allows users to stay in the familiar Teams environment to get their work done, especially when working with content from ERP, CRM and HR business applications.
  • Provides access to information coming from connected business applications directly in Teams
  • Makes Teams content available to users working from connected Business Applications.

Holistic access and permissions

  • Synchronizes Teams membership based on business data for consistent access control across applications.
  • Augments your Microsoft Office 365 E3 and E5 security capabilities by using business data intelligence to apply Sensitivity labels.
  • Allows you to use Microsoft Purview Information Protection to protect content across the organization to guard your most sensitive and valuable information assets to protect information through its full lifecycle.


  • Maximizes Teams Collaboration
  • Automation of Teams creation and decommissioning
  • Simplified Governance
  • Single source of truth
  • Maintain control over enterprise information

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