Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform from Rockwell Automation

by Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Plex is a digital manufacturing system that connects, tracks and analyzes operations in real-time

The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform from Rockwell Automation is a digital manufacturing system of record that connects, automates, tracks and analyzes all aspects of your operation in real time, leading to more effective decision making.

“Having quality deeply embedded into every production activity is transforming our organization. With Plex, quality checks are now completed at every stage, and the detail is exceptional. Now people are spending more time on analysis and less on collecting data, which makes for a more efficient and effective workforce.” - Michael Trathen, Integration Program Manager at AAM - American Axle & Manufacturing

In many plants today, people still manually enter much of their data. Plex’s digital, paperless, easy-to-use operator Control Panel automates tasks, preventing human errors and increasing productivity. Plant operators can mitigate compliance risk through database-driven traceability and direct, in-line quality control.

Empower both your top floor and shop floor to finally work from the same real-time data. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform delivers a flexible combination of modules:

Plex Manufacturing Execution System (MES):

Traditionally, MES/MOM systems contain disparate applications connected through complex integrations. Plex provides a unified solution — that means a single user interface to applications that are designed to work as one. And because it’s in the cloud, you can access your full production lifecycle securely from anywhere, at any time, on any connected device.

Changes from the top floor plan are dispatched to the shop floor scheduler. For every action on the shop floor, there is a transaction in Plex. Plex’s flexible, configurable cloud MES is also easy to deploy, standardize across your enterprise, and connect to your corporate ERP.

Plex Quality Management System (QMS):

Plex QMS helps process and discrete manufacturers meet strict industry and customer compliance with a closed-loop digital system of record. Making quality management inherent to your workflows and processes reduces quality loss and risk of warranty issues or recalls, improving your brand reputation and customer relationships. With Plex, quality requirements and documentation are available and shared in real-time across the enterprise.

Plex QMS helps you generate process control plans with detailed inspection instructions and digital checksheets that are closely integrated with product specifications. You can manage and track documents such as engineering and material specifications, or recipes to maintain a detailed list of compliance requirements. And regulatory compliance (APQP, FSA, HACCP, FSMA, SQF) is supported easily across workflows.

Plex Production Monitoring:

Say goodbye to dry-erase whiteboards! Plex Production Monitoring provides seamless connectivity to and from machines on the plant floor. With our out-of-the-box software you’ve got access to production visibility fast without draining resources.

Take control with clear visualizations. Easily customized dashboards, coupled with clear visuals provide instant feedback and up-to-date production metrics. And most importantly with data accuracy you can trust. Continuous improvement cycles are enabled in real-time with real metrics, putting you in control to drive OEE optimizations and reduce unplanned downtime.

Plex Asset Performance Management (APM):

With Plex APM, use real-time data collection and built-in analytics to capture and analyze live data on machine health and performance. Compare machines against a desired state, generate early notifications of potential disruption. These process improvements allow customers to reduce overtime labor, scrap, emergency maintenance costs and over P&L impacts.

Visualize and trend analytics to support accurate and timely diagnosis of failure causing conditions using historical data storage. Contextualize machine activity with details on specific operations to drive predictive maintenance using contextual traceability.

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