SimpleWebsite365 - Websites for Microsoft 365

by Sol Inventum OÜ

Easy homepage builder and hosting for Microsoft 365 users to create a professional business website

Get your simple business website setup in no time without any technical knowledge - everything is designed to be simple and step-by-step guides with screenshots are provided for every step along the way.

Setup takes less than 5 minutes if you have purchased your business domain via Microsoft 365. Use your existing user to update your website whenever you need to, no need to remember an additional username or password.

Secure by default, quick support if you have a question and a solution that stays out of your way. SimpleWebsite365 was designed specifically for non-technical users who just want a basic website to show case their work, their business or let people get in touch with them.

Why choose SimpleWebsite365?

  1. Easy to setup without prior knowledge
  2. Simple to create a basic website without having to learn a new content management system like Wordpress, SquareSpace or WiX
  3. Login with Microsoft 365 and Billing is done through your Microsoft 365 subscription

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