Intelligent Insights for Healthcare on DDP

by Wipro Ltd

analyzing sales data, inventory data, asset data, social media data for medical device and pharma

The healthcare apps on the Data Discovery Platform are powered end-to-end by the Microsoft Azure technology stack. They provide intuitive insights for healthcare providers, pharma companies and medical devices companies through AI/ML backed app. 

The apps solve specific business challenges like asset maintenance for analyzers, forecasting demand for ventilators and other key critical equipment to ensure availability,  social media analytics based knowledge graphs for constructing digital footprint of Key Opinion Leaders in an area of specialization, predicting fraud in medical insurance claims based on historical profile and current characteristics, identifying cross-sell opportunities for dental equipment manufacturers through association based analytics for bundling of products to increase share of wallet. 

These apps include the industry standard data model, coupled with the trained ML model for predictions or forecasts and the front end visualization layer which makes it easy for CXO s or division managers to interact with the underlying data and intelligence in the most business friendly manner. 

For organizations, they can be more proactive and address key concerns even before they occur and ensure streamlining of processes and people in the most efficient way. All of this is backed by data generated by various systems and processes, which ensures domain backed and ratified insights that can ease routine tasks of data analysis and allow practitioners time to focus on diagnosis and patient engagement. 

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