Promax - Trade Promotion Management SaaS Solution

by Wipro Ltd

Digitize and Optimize Your Trade Promotions with Wipro Promax®

Trade spend is typically the second largest expense after cost of goods sold for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. With consumer behavior and retail partnerships rapidly changing, CPG companies need better capabilities to rapidly scale their trade promotion optimization tasks.

Optimizing trade spend remains a challenge due to external factors such as intense competition within the industry, country-specific logistics management, and regulatory compliance requirements. Enterprises also face challenges due to internal factors such as data residing in multiple sources (ERP, POS data, and syndicated data from Nielsen and others), difficulties in gaining insights from pre- and post-promotion analyses, or the usual struggles of collaboration between sales, marketing, finance, and demand-planning teams.

Wipro’s Promax® suite of solutions built on Azure for trade promotion management, optimization, and execution (TPM, TPO, and TPx) is designed to address each of these business challenges. Its capabilities enable enterprises to develop effective strategies for improving revenue growth, profitability, time to market, customer experience, and risk mitigation.

Promax’s rich functionality addresses the industry’s TPM and TPO needs and enables our customers to achieve their revenue growth management objectives. The solution delivers an integrated view of trade promotions from planning and compliance through execution and is the result of over three decades of collaborations with global CPG manufacturers and retailers. After adopting Promax, leading CPG companies have become more competitive and gained market share by improving their trade promotions’ ROI, delivering unmatched customer experiences, and building greater customer loyalty.

Wipro also offers end-to-end services to complement Promax’s robust trade promotion management and optimization capabilities, enabling crucial integrations, standardized processes, and analytics-driven insights. Our data science and professional services teams are led by experienced domain experts who can provide competitive advantages through best practices in trade promotion optimization.

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