Microsoft Data Compliance Consulting Services - 2 Weeks Assessment

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The Microsoft 365 Compliance assessment helps organizations implement a compliance strategy that accelerates and streamlines data security and governance while reducing risk.

This assessment will leverage Microsoft 365 deployments to allow your organization to evaluate across the compliance landscape, identify the priorities, and provide recommendations for increasing your compliance score across your organization. This engagement was created to help our customers define a clear hands-on approach strategy for IT and legal compliance:

  • Identify and understand your data processing compliance status and associated risks, through a holistic approach: legal, organizational and security
  • Hands-on overview of Microsoft 365 tools and how they can help you develop an integrated compliance strategy.
  • Provide custom expert advice on the measures that need to be implemented in order to reduce the risks of non-compliance with data protection rules
  • Get guidance and recommendations for risk and compliance mitigation

After this assessment, the organization will know how to use Microsoft 365 tools to manage compliance risk, including:

  • Use eDiscovery searches to identify stale, outdated, and sensitive information.
  • Actionable recommendations for improved data mitigation and governance.
  • Detailed assessment of your IT and compliance priorities.
  • Long-term compliance strategy recommendations with detailed next steps.

To perform the assessment, we will connect you with our teams of experts (legal and IT) to guide you through the assessment. A report will be provided at the end to help you address and tackle identified red flags that may represent a liability risk to your company.

STEP 1: Let’s get you started!

  • Set-up a kick-off call with the Data Compliance team
  • List business requirements based in existing functionalities
  • High level understanding of risks and impacts moving forward
  • Prepare your environment for the assessment and plan the next activities

STEP 2: You answer to our Compliance Questionnaire

  • The assessment begins with a questionnaire
  • You will be asked to answer our question with information about your company and how it processes personal data.
  • One of our Data Protection experts will be available to you to clarify any doubts you might have during this process

STEP 3: We collect and analyse your data

  • We analyse your answers and ask for relevant documentation
  • Working sessions to understand the organization approach regarding legal, privacy, regulatory and security aspects Tools Execution and data discovery technical sessions.
  • In some cases it might be required to do some on-site validations (legal documents, data discover and investigate risk scans).
  • “Final Report” Elaboration

STEP 4: Report Presentation

  • Deliver presentation and discuss findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Share “Final report” and presentation

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