Rapid Activation for Field Service: 8wk Implementation

Rand Group, LLC

Rapid Activation for Field Service is a fixed-fee Dynamics 365 Field Service packaged deployment that delivers best practices to your organization in 8 weeks.

Rapid activation of best practices in just 8 weeks

Rand Group's Field Service rapid activation model disrupts the traditional implementation cycle using industry-leading best practices deployed to your organization in a fixed scope, fixed fee package. No heavy up-front requirements sessions, no custom code, no never-ending project timeline. The Field Service rapid activation package delivers returns in just 8 weeks with the option to enhance and scale your Dynamics 365 Field Service deployment with additional Power Packs.

Rapid Activation for Field Service delivers industry-leading best practices in a fixed-fee deployment of Dynamics 365 Field Service.

The fixed-fee package includes the following process areas:

  1. Work Order Creation
  2. Scheduling and Dispatch
  3. Product and Service Delivery
  4. Follow up and Billing

Agenda for the 8-week implementation:

Week 1: Activation -Provisioning of Dynamics 365 Field Service and initial process walk through with key stakeholders in 5 days. Deliver onsite services to your customer locations with workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility.
Week 2: Best Practices Configuration - Create understanding of the Field Service solution components to facilitate alignment with existing business processes and roles.
Week 6: Training -Targeted and customized training to help users quickly achieve proficiency with day-to-day usage of the system. The primary focus is to create ownership across the organization.
Week 8: Go Live - Migrate data from legacy systems then prepare to use Dynamics 365 Field Service as a production system. Continuous engagement with Rand Group throughout the process.

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