Synoptek Teams Text Application: 2-Wk Implementation


Modernize communications with Teams Text application

Synoptek’s Microsoft Teams Text application offers an integrated Teams experience to improve and modernize communications with your clients and employees. There are SMS and MMS features to align with today’s communication styles. Now you can connect with anyone via text from your business phone number, all while staying within the single pane-of-glass that is Microsoft Teams. 

Key Features:

  • Short Message Service (SMS) Features
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Features
  • Optional Enhanced Features Available

The Teams Text app has been developed to keep up with today’s communication styles. Many businesses today are communicating with their clients via SMS/MMS, and now you can do so within Microsoft Teams. It’s simple to use, confidential, and secure. Use for making/confirming appointments, healthcare professional/patient conversations, sharing documents, marketing campaigns, sales outreach, and much more!

Synoptek Teams Text application implementation will include the following activities:

  • Setup and Configuration
  • Manager and End-User Training
  • 24x7 Premium Support, extending for the entire contract length

Create a professional texting relationship with your customers. If your employees are using their personal cell phones to text clients today, transitioning to the Teams Text App will keep all their business communication on their work phone number. They’ll receive new text notifications within Teams Chat, so they’ll never miss a text. Deliver faster service and improve your customers’ experience with Synoptek’s Teams Text application.

Teams Text App Package - $4/user/month including:

  • 100 outbound SMS (aggregated)
  • Unlimited inbound SMS 


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