Amicis Lifestyle | Convenience

by Amicis Solutions

Convenience store solution for operations from the fuel pump to point of sale to back office

Unify convenience store operations, from fuel pump management and food & beverage, to retail POS and back office from within the Dynamics 365 Commerce platform with:
Point of Sale
  • Fuel Pump Automation
  • Self-serve Kiosks, Online Ordering
  • Menu and Recipe Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Automated Supply Chain
  • Real-time Financial Performance and Analytics


Full Retail Point of Sale and Inventory Management
  • Centralized configuration with screen layout that automatically populates POS and Kiosk button grids
  • Tailor POS and Kiosk to display menus based on store, register and time period
  • Manage by menu hierarchy, categories, availability, top sellers and more
  • Manage inventory and automate supply chain
  • Real-time financial performance and analytics
  • Conversational ordering workflow to improve order speed, accuracy and customer experience
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use and train
Fuel Pump Management
  • Pre- and post-pay and pay at the pump
  • Combine retail store purchase with fuel purchase
  • Pump to pump transfer
  • Fuel price management
  • Pump control, pump status display and management
  • Monitoring, diagnosis, diagnostic notifications
Self-Serve Kiosks, Online Ordering
  • Convenient customer ordering and payment
  • Easy online ordering for customer and order management
  • Cross-sell and up-sell via curated lists
  • Customer access to order history, rewards, product recommendations
Menu and Recipe Management
  • Centralized management of recipes, ingredients, combos, substitutions, modifiers
  • As modifications and substitutions are made at POS, inventory tracked at recipe and ingredient levels, nutrition values and allergens adjust in real time
  • Calculate price of menu offerings, assign different prices for modifiers and substitutions
Kitchen Management
  • Configure kitchen workflows by category or product for automated order routing
  • Route orders directly to KDS and customer order ready screens
  • Capacity management (throttling) for incoming off-premise orders
  • Metrics to collect and react to performance data like bottlenecks and labor inefficiencies

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