Total Quality Control Management

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Total Quality Control Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Advanced quality control

You buy, make, and sell your products in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Consider the advantages of an advanced Quality Management solution built right within Dynamics 365.

Total Quality Control Management (TQCM) is a flexible solution that establishes quality control standards for your products and processes. Control and manage corrective actions and non-conforming materials, select items or operations for incoming inspections, react to customer complaints and implement preventative measures. Total Quality Control Management is a fully integrated solution that compliments your Dynamics 365 installation.

TQCM is the answer

This module is not a separate software solution. It operates right within Microsoft Dynamics 365 making quality control a solution within ERP, not an add-on. This means that sampling plans, inspections, and CAPA are part of the ERP process as is manufacturing. TQCM is a module within Dynamics 365 and operates in the same database and instance. Total Quality Control Management inherits the core features of Dynamics 365 including user setup, security, report writers, and the same interface. You’ll come up to speed quicker with our integrated solution and more importantly, you’ll implement it at a much lower cost.

Key capabilities:

Sampling plans to worldwide standards

Total Quality Control Management for Dynamics 365 supports the following quality standards

  • ANSI Z1.4
  • ISO 2859-1
  • NIST Series 6


TQCM supports both ISO and 8D Corrective and Preventative Actions. Along with Nonconformance Reports that can be automatically generated from inspections, ISO audits, and customer complaints.

Instrument and tool calibration table

Automatic scheduling for preventative maintenance and calibration of instruments by date and use requirements.

Reporting and graphics

Integrated to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI.

Integrated auditing

Department and process audits are easily set up by facility and can be scheduled to automatically create planned audits with advanced notifications. Audit plans and audit steps are stored in the audit table with integration to non-conformance and corrective actions.

Customer complaints

Customer complaints including call-in-scripts to assist customer service. Complaint rationale with investigations and escalation to nonconforming conditions and CAPA. Seamless integration to customers and return orders.

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