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Web Forms Integration


3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 (4)

A complete solution for web form integration from business website

Get the solution now and experience the ease of creating web forms…

  • Build your own web forms and publish it anywhere on the web.
  • Select field types for the form fields of your choice, including text box, check box, multi line text and more.
  • Get greater consistency in the design of the web form using CSS, so that the form fits perfectly into your web page.
  • While creating the web form, you can look at the preview before applying on the web.
  • Arrange the web form fields very conveniently by setting the order or selecting the field type.
  • Dotsquares Web forms are multi-lingual supported.
  • Capture leads, contacts, accounts or custom entity form directly into your CRM through building a web form.