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DocStore: Dynamics File Storage Optimizer


Better manage files from Dynamics in Office 365 and start saving!

Getting tired of buying expensive additional storage space for Dynamics 365? Do you want your users to have their email attachments and mail merge documents at their fingertips available in Dynamics?

DocStore enables you to save automatically attachments in SharePoint/Office365 which allows you to better manage all files created in Dynamics and to save on Dynamics storage costs.

· Uses Office365 as storage for files in Dynamics which is more cost efficient. We provide you with a free quick scan and advice on how much you can save.

· Includes a free migration tool to migrate all existing attachments to SharePoint. Contact us to support you with your migration project.

· Both Email and Note attachments (including Word and Excel templates) are supported to be migrated to SharePoint/Office365.

· DocStore works with the Standard SharePoint integration which is provided by Dynamics. This allows for integrated views within Dynamics which are Microsoft supported.

· Contains advanced features like rollup views in Dynamics, transferral of metadata to easily search and support custom folder structures.

· DocStore is updated for any Microsoft Dynamics version and we provide any service needed to succesfully implement DocStore.

Check out our prices on our website or contact us for the best offer.