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Houdini Security - Record Classification

Houdini Ltd

Record Classification - Restrict record access individual record by individual record

Houdini Record Classification


Houdini Record Classification allows you to classify / categorize individual records and grant users access to only those categorizes you want them to see. It ensures:-

  • Users can only find, see, access and update records in categories they are authorised to view.
    • All search results are filtered to remove unauthorised records
    • View requests are checked, unauthorised attempts are blocked and recorded.

  • Categorisation Data is stored within the record itself.

  • Child records can be secured against the classification of a parent record.

  • 3 separate classification fields 
    Can be used independently of each other or together (as desired)

  • Unlimited categories / values in all classifications

  • No limits to the number of categories a user has access to

  • Built in (optional) 2 stage Approval Process.

Designed to meet the stringent privacy and security requirements of Governments and Europe’s biggest banks, all our solutions include:- 

  • Easy of Use
    Designed to just require configuration, by following our Quick Start guide you can get started within 5 minutes.

  • Search Filtering
    Houdini Record Classification filters search results to ensure search results only contain the records users are authorised to see.

  • Separate Access Checks
    As well as search filtering we check all record requests to ensure users are authorised  to view the requested record 

  • Designed for Performance
    Built upon the fundamental changes incorporated within version 9 of Dynamics 365, our solutions are carefully designed to ensure no visible performance impact. •

  • Integration
    Designed with integration in mind, our solutions recognise calls from external system and handles them appropriately. This allows a user’s permissions or a record’s categorisations to be changed instantly.

  • Audit
    • Our Change approval process ensures a record of all changes is available for future use.
    • All Blocked Requests are recorded in case subsequent investigation is required

  • Built in Change Approval process
    Our built in, fully customisable, 2 stage approval process ensures changes to classifications are captured for validation, checking and approval prior to implementation. Once approved the changes are automatically made to the user or record.

For support enquiries or our User and Developer guides, Suggested / sample Architecture Designs and our 5 minute Quick Start guide visit