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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator


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Build innovative industry apps with the Banking Accelerator


The Banking Accelerator is focused on Retail & Commercial Banking scenarios to optimize customer experiences, improve collaboration, and gain new customer insights. The Banking Accelerator includes sample apps, dashboards, and customer journeys for customers and partners in the banking industry.

  • Banking data model:  a banking data model to provide a unified view of your data.
  • Samples: apps, dashboards, and examples for you to jump start your app development. 
  • Connected experiences: experiences across Dynamics 365, Azure, AI, Power BI, and PowerApps.

How to experience

  • Get It Now: this option installs the solutions and optional sample data into your Dynamics 365 or PowerApps environment. You will need both an environment and the appropriate privileges to install.
  • Test Drive: try the Test Drive option, you don’t need an environment and you’ll have 8 hours to try it. The Test Drive is read-only and includes capabilities and preview features not available in the Get It Now experience.
  • GitHub: solutions, samples, documentation, and more are available on GitHub.

Additional resources and support