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Simple MRM - The Intelligent Marketing Platform

Simple’s upstream planning, orchestration and brand governance solution enables teams to create seamless, consistent brand experiences and manage them efficiently through the review process to maximise customer engagement across all touch points.

Simple allows teams to establish efficient standard operating procedures and workflows and provides visibility across activities and outcomes, enabling teams to identify where to allocate investment for the best possible return.

Leveraging the Microsoft Azure intelligent cloud, Simple applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend playbooks to optimise future marketing activity.

Key Benefits and Features:


  • Centralised marketing calendar to plan, view and manage all activity, and record results for future budgeting and planning, creating a single source of truth for marketing
  • Team workflows to create and manage marketing initiatives and assign work


  • Customisable templates to brief internal and external partners effectively
  • Review and approvals captured in one place, avoiding convoluted email trails, improving agency collaboration and ensuring all work meets your brand objectives and governance standards
  • Version capture for effective auditing


  • Customisable templates to capture and easily repeat effective workflows
  • Kanban project management board for agile marketing teams
  • Marketing activity analytics leverage the functionality of PowerBI for aggregated campaign performance and efficiency results and enable rapid optimisation


  • Documented workflows to enable easy onboarding and create efficient standard operating procedures, increasing productivity, lowering risk and reducing time to market
  • Digital asset library to facilitate use, re-use and re-purposing of approved assets


  • Channel-based campaign analytics captured in your planning tool, for near-time campaign optimisation
  • Budget, agency and team activity data link internal resource allocation with campaign results, providing a complete picture of return on marketing investment and facilitating improved decision-making across the organisation
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services


  • Built atop the Microsoft Power Platform, and powered by Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Common Data Services, Simple integrates with Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and the Adobe Experience Cloud.
  • Native integration with hundreds of first- and third-party Business Apps in Microsoft’s AppSource

Less complexity and more effective marketing? The answer is Simple.