GuruFocus Add-in for Excel

by Gurufocus. LLC

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Fully customizable investing research and analysis tools

GuruFocus Tools provides a fully-customizable investing research and analysis add-in that allows users to pull up to 30 years of historical financial data on over 90,000 stocks from regions around the globe.

Users can also access several pre-built templates that output fundamental data and a wide range of metrics measuring financial strength, profitability, valuation, growth and momentum.

Download the templates below:

Powerful GURUF function

The GURUF function works with common Excel functions like SUM, AVERAGE and COUNT that allow for deeper analysis on the data. One click refreshes the data, allowing users to retrieve GuruFocus data without leaving the Excel.


=GURUF(“AAPL”,”Price”) gives Apple’s current price.

=GURUF(“AAPL”,”Revenue”,”-15”,”A”) gives Apple’s revenue over the past 15 years.

=GURUF(“AAPL”,”Net Income”,”2021”,”Q”) gives Apple’s net income for each quarter in 2021.

=GURUF(“AAPL”,”Total Assets”,”2010:2020”,”A”) gives Apple’s total assets for each year from 2010 to 2020.

Stock Summary Template

GuruFocus Tools Stock Summary Template retrieves a snapshot of a company’s fundamental data, including the GF Score and its five ranking components: financial strength, profitability, growth, valuation and momentum.

30-year Historical Financials Data Template

GuruFocus Tools Historical Financial Data Template retrieves up to 30 years of historical per share data, ratios, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, valuation ratios and quality metrics.

DCF Calculator Template

GuruFocus DCF Calculator Template gives a company’s intrinsic value based on a two-stage discount free cash flow or discount earnings model.

App capabilities

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