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A two-in-one visual which serves as both Funnel & Pyramid chart, highly customisable.

The xViz Funnel and Pyramid Chart acts as two in one visual. It functions in two different visualization modes – Default and 3D. It is highly customizable with an extensive deck of properties for configuring every aspect of the visual. Some of the important features of the visual include Advanced Conditional Formatting and Number Formatting Options on various scenarios present in the Funnel/Pyramid Visual. **KEY FEATURES** - Highly customizable Color options - Swap between default and 3D Mode in one-click - Visualize data in Funnel or Pyramid with the same custom visual - Data labels can be customized for Categories & Values individually - Advanced Conditional formatting options with easily configurable properties - Number Formatting options to customize values based on various business scenarios **USE CASES** **USE CASES** 1. Lead-Customer conversion process for Sales Analysis 2. Efficient SEO Analysis using Funnel Chart 3. Hierarchical visualization of data of business functioning in various geographies 4. Organizational Hierarchy can be depicted in an interactive manner using Pyramid Chart For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at : []( Pro features are listed in visual and [Pro Features](, additional purchase is required to use the mentioned list.

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