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Cerebri Values: the new AI-powered science of CX

Cerebri AI

AI-powered customer experience system

The Cerebri Values system quantifies brand commitment at the individual level for millions of customers, creating a new standard for dynamically measuring and managing customer experience, turning CX into a KPI catalyst. Cerebri Values does what Net Promoter Score (NPS) was supposed to do –– then takes it one step further, creating a powerful data-driven platform for accelerating profitable growth.
This is the new science of CX, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With a single, dynamic metric, the Cerebri Values system monitors the true brand commitment of the entire customer base and represents the collective voice of the customer in strategic discussions.
Using comprehensive customer journeys as its foundation, Cerebri Values detects previously unseen patterns and make predictions, automatically matching individual customers and offers at scale to rapidly and efficiently achieve business goals. The patent-pending Cerebri Values system leverages the vast amount of customer data collected by Fortune 500 companies in B2C and financial services, as well as public sector institutions.
To start, Cerebri AI compiles data from both internal and external sources to build and visualize comprehensive customer journeys for millions of individual consumers. Cerebri AI then applies its machine-learning model to quantify the impact of each event in the complete journey of every customer to generate a single core metric, called the Cerebri Value, that measures their commitment to the brand, expressed in dollars. For specific KPIs, such as repurchase within the current fiscal quarter, the system generates Cerebri Scores on a 0-100 scale that rank every customer according to their conversion probability.
After mapping and measuring customer experience, monetization is the third pillar of the new science of CX. The Cerebri Values system matches individual customers with optimal offers, known as Cerebri Actions. These recommendations match the customers most likely to convert with the best tactic for achieving the desired outcome. Currently, Cerebri AI works with two of the top 10 global automakers, a leading Canadian bank, and Mastercard via its Start Path accelerator program. Red Herring named Cerebri AI to its 2018 North America 100 list for the top private technology companies. The company currently has 50 employees with three offices in North America – Austin, Toronto and Washington DC.