HCLTech Conversational AI for Healthcare

by HCL Technologies Limited.

Assisted summarization of clinical evaluation reports

A cloud native AI-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Natural Language Understanding suite of services that easily creates a cognitive search and natural conversational question and answer layer over semi-structured content. Provide state of the art high quality standardized Clinical Evaluation Report Summarization, CEP content automation and data extraction pipeline of enterprise medical device information.

•Bring down cycle times by 50%. Improves efficiency and time in submissions. Increasing overall organizational productivity by 25%.

Conversational AI for Healthcare Offering is powered by Azure Cognitive Services will help in achieving
• Cognitive Search & AI Skills
• Domain Adaptation of AI
• Information Retrieval & Imaging
• De-identification & Summarization
• Advanced NLP Analytics & Domain adaptation across industries
• Document Store, Archival & Indexer
• Voice Tech & Speech Recognition
• Conversational Chatbots
• Scalable & Extensible Cloud Managed Solution
• Multi-lingual Translation

Key Azure Services driving are:-
• Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage
• Azure LUIS, Azure Cognitive Services
• Azure Functions, Azure App Services
• Azure Text Analytics
• Power BI and Power Automate
• Azure Key Vault, Azure AD, KMS
• Application Insights

Key Benefits
• Provide state of the art high quality standardized summarization, content automation and data extraction pipeline of enterprise.
• Reduction of significant delays in comprehension of any knowledge document and review process. Expected return on investment of multi-million dollars.
• Increase overall productivity by 25% for complex domain task and organizational AI efficiency through intelligent automation.

At a glance