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The IoT solution for workplace safety, tele-assistance and co-working

Always in Touch is aimed at companies that want to improve the safety of staff in the workplace and when the activity is carried out on the move, provide services to staff and digitize the management of spaces and work facilities including co-working. The service is particularly suitable for workers who work alone, without direct surveillance, and without the presence of others who can provide immediate assistance, in the event of injury, accident or other rescue events. Always in Touch is composed of a platform on a cloud service and a wearable device that allows you to identify and manage various anomalous situations or potentially at risk for workers and enable services for personnel. The service is provided in completely SaaS mode and does not require any installation at the customer and provides for the integration of the platform with the service centers (eg. Operational assistance center) or existing BSS platforms of the customer (eg employee services, etc. .) allowing the customer full control also in the management of data and privacy requirements.

WORK SAFETY AND TELE-ASSISTANCE: The service platform continuously supervises the devices to check the connection and the status of the device and service in the work environment. When potential risks or alarms are identified (e.g. entry into unauthorized areas, fall, worker request for help, total immobility), the service sends the event to the Control and Assistance Center of the client company (or authorized external Service Providers) complete with all the data to act: type of alarm, location, device status, etc. The customer's Control and Assistance Center (or the authorized Service Providers) can contact the device by voice which, thanks to the self-response function (configurable), allows you to speak immediately with the employee in a hands-free way to be able to assist him in a very short time and guarantee the best possible intervention and support. In specific conditions such as fire alarms, the device can alert workers with general or specific warnings with voice broadcast messages.

EMPLOYEE SERVICE AND CO_WORKING MANAGEMENT: The service can support access control applications (physical and logical), management of co-working spaces for attendance and usage accounting, access to co-working services and resources (eg desk sharing, facility, printers, meeting rooms), payment, broadcast or group voice messages, voice memos, high precision indoor localization, etc. completely wirelessly and securely.

THE AiT DEVICE: Wearable around the neck, belt and in other ways, it is based on the Android platform with very high precision and low consumption sensors, has 2G / 4G / WiFi / BT connection, supports mixed indoor / outdoor positioning AGPS, LBS, beacon, satellite multi-system, it is completely remotely supervised, has a long-lasting rechargeable battery and can be customized according to the type of use. Supplied with a charging base that integrates a beacon to create a precision indoor positioning station. Optionally, it can be equipped with various accessories and additional beacons for the needs of covering large indoor spaces and enabling services to employees of various types.


• Abnormal posture / inclination

• Fall

• Total immobility

• SOS call of the employee

• Continuous fine positioning in the event of an alarm

• Speed ​​exceeding

• Geofence exceeding

• Hands-free call authorized by the Assistance Center

• Call from employee to the Service Center

• Group voice broadcast message

• Individual voice message

• Timed programmable memo voice message

• Battery warning


• Unique device ID

• Type of alarm

• Source of alarm

• Alarm time

• Last location time

• Location coordinates

• Location map

• Location type (GPS, AGPS, LBS, Beacon, Wi-Fi)

• Speed ​​and altitude (for GPS only)

• Immediate contact telephone number

• Battery status

• Network coverage status (signal strength, network type, channel

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