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InvestmentRight is a set of client engagement solutions for wealth management and investment banking

InvestmentRight is a set of engagement solutions for wealth management and investment banking. We have got product based solutions for two target markets: Retail/Mass fluent and High Net Worth Individuals. The product based solutions are described below. Based on our extensive market experience we can, next to our products, add value in services like design sprints, creating new propositions and unique UX, creating startups (Peaks, Prospery, Munnypot, Knab), et cetera.
Retail/Mass fluent (webbased)
  • Chat Onboarding
  • Goal based Robo-advice
  • MyZone for monitoring and portfolio insight
High Net Worth Individuals:
  • Mobile wealth management solution (native apps), including portfolio insights and execution only features
  • MyZone environment
  • Reprofiling
  • Onboarding
Branding is easy. We can assist in all the services surrounding the implementation, but if you have your own trusted partner for projects, we are happy to collaborate. We make sure InvestmentRight evolves based on changing human needs, legislation and technology changes. Whether you want to provide your client with guided advice, Robo advice or an Execution only solution, InvestmentRight provides the platform. With our technology, expanding digital client engagement or creating a new proposition can be done in a faster, easier way. A completely new, fully digital (Robo) advice or a mobile wealth management solution can be up and running within 4-6 months.