Unified Customer Intelligence

by Wipro Ltd

Unify customer data silos from multiple touch-points, build intelligence to fuel powerful campaigns.

Business Problem: Consumer behaviour is constantly evolving – specially since the pandemic. 66% of shoppers expect brands to understand their individual needs, while 80% are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience. In order to win customers, retailers need to unify customer data silos across channels & touch-points, generate insights to understand them better and curate tailored experiences. However, most retailers face critical challenges due to which they achieve poor customer engagement. Top challenges faced by retailers are -

  • Customer Data in silos (online vs offline silos, brand & department wise silos)
  • Hard to resolve duplicate identities in the absence of PII information (such as phone, email, payment info. etc.)
  • Incomplete insights on preferences & context due to lack of a single source of truth
  • Post-purchase insights of the customer journey often neglected

Our Solution: Unified Customer Intelligence, powered by Microsoft Cloud, enables retailers build a Single Customer View by unifying customer data silos across all touch-points by merging inside-out data with outside-in data (e.g. social media, product reviews, etc.), develop customer intelligence features beyond what's available in standard off-the-shelf solutions. This enables marketers fuel powerful marketing campaigns that can uplift conversion rates, average order value and brand loyalty. Key features of the solution are -

  • Identity Resolution (with live Customer360 orchestration)
  • AI based clustering for micro-segmentation
  • Look-alike segments (using 1st party data)
  • Affinity Intelligence (including Topic Affinities and post-purchase insights)
  • Propensity to churn, propensity to return a product
  • Next best Actions

Our Differentiators: Five reasons why our solution stands out are -

  1. To enable Unified Customer Intelligence – we combine outside-in data with inside-out data, i.e. we not only restrict to transactions, search & browse, marketing data – but also look at external sources such as product reviews (marketplace), social media (sentiments), etc.
  2. Our feature catalogue of customer intelligence brings capabilities beyond what’s available with off-the-shelf solution
  3. We enable post purchase intelligence, often ignored by retailers – for e.g. predicting customer churn, predicting product return behaviour, deriving customer perception on delivery experience, in-store pickup experience, product availability, etc.
  4. We bring industry leading partnerships of personalization leaders such as KIBO, that can leverage “Unified Customer Intelligence” to deliver hyper-contextual omni-channel experiences in real time
  5. We can help retailers start small and gradually scale up by co-existing with existing data platforms (e.g. CDP)

Our solution benefits: Our solution can fuel powerful marketing campaigns to acquire new customers. retain existing loyal customers and drive the below KPI's

  • Omni-channel conversion rates
  • Average order value
  • Customer Lifetime Value

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