Adoxio Portal: 4-Wk Assessment

KPMG Adoxio

Adoxio is offering a new Portal Assessment service to assist customers in making informed decisions on their path forward when Microsoft ends support of Adxstudio Portals version 7 in August 2018.

Organizations need to quickly and carefully consider the future of their on-premises portal applications. What option are available to organizations now and which will maximize the return on their portal investment while providing for business continuity, ongoing support, and future functional enhancements? Adoxio will inventory the functionality, features, and architectural details of your portal solution, categorizing each as a configuration, customization, or integration. We will then prepare an assessment of how each feature impacts risk. With this information, combined with your input regarding future plans for your portal, we will recommend a roadmap for your best path forward, along with a no-obligation budgetary estimate for engaging Adoxio to implement our recommendations.


The Adoxio Portal Assessment provides your business with:

  • Prompt and comprehensive expert analysis and report, with a recommendation you can trust
  • Roadmap to a robust, standardized, and supported portal framework
  • Detailed solution architecture of your current state and the proposed future state
  • Findings and recommendations in language relevant to business and IT leaders alike
  • Plan to ensure continued user satisfaction
  • Recommended services by Adoxio’s expert team to transition

Find out where your organization stands, understand your risks, and plan your path to the cloud. For more details, or to arrange for an Adoxio Portal Assessment, contact us.

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