Dynamics 365 Add-in: 5-Wk Implementation


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-in is a custom business logic that you can integrate with Dynamics 365 (both online and on-premises versions) to modify or augment the standard behavior of the platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-ins are some of the most commonly used and powerful approaches to extending the application. The objective of the custom plug-in is to enhance or modify the standard features/behavior of Dynamics 365 by injecting custom business logic into the execution of nearly any task a user performs. For example, Add-ins allow you to expand the user interface, send requests to external resources (like API), CRUD available Entities (add pre and post-logic) and implement another specific business logic for your current tasks.


  • Initial meeting with the client to review their requirements
  • Propose a Dynamics 365 customization plan, i.e. Add-in behavior. The plan may include a specific scope that will need to be agreed upon with the client to proceed further
  • Setup environments for Add-in development
  • Setup external services (in case Add-in needs interaction with other client’s 3rd party services)
  • Add-in development using Scrum
  • Testing and hand-off
  • Documentation development


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-in which customizes your CRM to your business needs
  • Add-in installation packages, scripts, and source codes
  • Documentation for installation and configuration of your Add-in


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 v.8.2 and later are supported
  • Includes 2 weeks of add-in business logic development
  • Client will provide sample data that will be required for Add-in development
  • Post-implementation support options are available

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