Dynamics 365 CE Accelerator: 7-Day Implementation

Biz Aid

A one-of-a-kind accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement implementations that enables you to quickly implement Sales and Service modules, designed specifically for easy work.

The accelerator provides you with:

Simplicity- we have created a special solution for Dynamics CE that simplifies the system.

Personalization- we have created a portal where you can answer questions about your business processes. Our smart engine will customize and personalize the system accordingly.

No initial costs- there are no initial costs during this process. The 2,640$ are charged as 220$ monthly payment over a year.

Direct support- one of our Dynamics experts will assist you with extra needed customizations, data import and implementation activities so you can go live with your own personal Dynamics CRM quickly and easily. (online)

Special licensing & service packages- we provide monthly packages for the implementation, support and training.


Using the accelerator and with Biz Aid’s support, you can go live with the sales and/or service modules suited for easy work and to your specific business processes:

  • Open a new Dynamics 365 account (if you do not have one) and Activate Dynamics 365 environment
  • Import our special easy work solution for Dynamics that simplifies the system
  • Personalization of the CRM based on your business processes, by answering business questions in our portal
  • High Level Business Process Review on the Sales and/or Service Modules with recommendations
  • Basic gap analysis and customizations- to implement critical requirements needed for 1st stage system implementation (3 hours)
  • Edit 1 word template
  • Create first 5 Dynamics 365 users and train client how to setup additional users
  • Import your leads, customers and contacts data (from import template files we will provide)
  • Clear example data
  • Setup System and Company settings along with defining 1 security role
  • Configure Outlook Online connection
  • Configure SharePoint connection
  • Training (3 hours)
  • Go-Live review and Post Go-Live technical Support + 1 hour per month for extra customization and training

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