Customer Insights Accel Lite: 4-Wk Implementation

Kin + Carta Partnerships Limited

4-week implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CI, giving you the foundations for a unified view of your customer and a data model optimised to the key business questions you need to answer.

For over 25 years we have been helping businesses to achieve a single view of their customers and use this to improve decision making and customer experience. Using this experience, we’ll rapidly explore your business needs from data, craft the design of CI, build customer profiles, launch it to your teams, enabling them in its use and finally, define a roadmap of optimisation:

Week 1: Identify the business outcomes and how data supports these, prioritising 2 key data sources for integration and the specific data needed. Setting up the live and sandbox CI environments and configuring the secure data access required for the prioritised sources.

Week 2: Build integrations, map to CI data model, configure unification rules for single profile creation and define the key measures and segments aligned to business outcomes.

Week 3: Create the key measures and segments and document data knowledge to support handover.

Week 4: Walkthrough of a roadmap for your continued use of CI and handover to / enablement of your teams.


  • CI instance with 2 data sources feeding a unified profile, presented in a data model aligned to business needs.
  • Enablement of internal team to adopt the CI instance, with recommended roadmap for evolving it.


  • Key data integrated, unified and ready to be used to generate actionable insights.

Pricing is subject to discovery and agreed scope

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