Knowledge Discovery Workshop - 2 days


Streamline your business processes through the automatic classification and processing of your information and data. Realize the potential of your organisation's information and data

As Microsoft Gold Partners and Preferred Partner for Content and Services, we here at Konsolute can help you get started with SharePoint Syntex. Our 2-day workshop will show you how you harvest the wealth of information created within your organisation to automate business processes, realize your ROI and make better informed business decisions based upon your data on your Microsoft 365.

How we can help

  • Use your information and data to extract intelligence insights
  • Realise your ROI of your information and data
  • Automate the classification and extracting of metadata from your information
  • Improve discoverability of information within my organisation
  • Improve your organisations search experience
  • Automate your compliance processes relating to your information
  • Automate the security of your information based upon the extraction

What’s involved:

Day 1 - Overview & Scenario Analysis

  • Kick-off meeting - Introductions and alignment on workshop objectives and agenda
  • Overview - Introduction and overview of productivity challenges in industry as it relates to finding knowledge and expertise
  • Project Cortex scenarios - Overview of Cortex knowledge discovery scenarios and how Cortex capabilities address productivity challenges
  • Demonstration - Walkthrough of Cortex capabilities and explore how new features powered by AI brings relevant content and expertise across organization
  • Your requirements - Deep dive into your scenarios, challenges and desired business outcome

Day 2 - Report & Recommendations

  • Align on decisions and outcomes from Day 1 of workshop
  • Report & Recommendations - A findings and recommendations report which includes the implementation guidance as discusse

At a glance