CRM Performance Analysis: 10-Day Assessment


This engagement is designed with a view to help you identify performance issues related to your Dynamics CRM implementation and provide a roadmap for their fixes.

MTC will conduct an in-depth performance analysis of your environment to identify the root causes of performance issues and provide a solutions roadmap for resolving them. By the end of the performance analysis, you will get a clear understanding on the various factors affecting your CRM performance and the ways to monitor and control them.

The assessment involves the following process:

  • Analyze current business processes for any deviations or scope for optimization.
  • Review existing configuration including JavaScripts, plug-ins, workflows, etc., for optimization.
  • Data quality audit, review data quality of both company and contact records in the CRM system.
  • Review current deployment practices and issues for overhauling with industry best practices.
  • CRM reporting audit and recommendations on performance improvement.
  • Provide functional and technical recommendations roadmap.


Week 1

  • Analyze current business process
  • Review existing configuration
  • Review current deployment practices
  • Data quality audit
  • CRM reporting audit

Week 2

  • Prepare requirements matrix
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Prepare technical recommendations document
  • Develop roadmap
  • Assist team in roadmap implementation


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