Microsoft 365 Security: 3 Day Assessment


Protect against evolving cybersecurity threats and implement a modern workplace using built-in solutions from Microsoft.

As companies embrace the opportunities presented by cloud and mobile computing to connect with customers and optimize operations, they take on new risks. One of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring security, privacy, and compliance.

With 7 billion internet-connected devices in use worldwide—not including laptops and mobile devices—you have multiple points of vulnerability for your overall estate. All of this complexity also creates additional compliance challenges. It’s critical that you understand what you have, what’s sensitive, what needs to be kept and for how long—and that’s in addition to securing everything across your heterogeneous environments.

This 3-day assessment enables our team of security experts to present a customized, prioritized, and actionable roadmap to secure your deployment. This is based on recommendations resulting from our analysis of security tools run and discovery in your environment. The session is ideal for technical leaders and decision-makers.

Over the course of this 3-day engagement, Netwoven will fully understand your security objectives and requirements, review your Microsoft 365 solution deployment from a security standpoint, and present our findings along with a recommended remediation road map.

We will also demonstrate Microsoft security solutions such as Azure Active Directory Premium, Advanced Threat Protection, and Azure Information Protection to help you implement a roadmap for modern workplace solutions using the Microsoft cloud.

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