Okta to Azure AD Migration: 2 Week Workshop


Why keep paying for both, when Microsoft EMS gives you more functionality than Okta?

Using Microsoft EM+S & Okta together?

Managing Identity for an enterprise is one of the critical aspects of security planning and identity access management (IAM) for the organization. A robust solution is needed to control access privileges, provide protection from attackers and enhance data security. Many of the organizations using Okta haven’t realized the full value of Microsoft 365 security solutions. Customers that have Microsoft 365 E5 Security can replace up to 26 other security vendors thereby optimizing cost and operations.

Netwoven has been very successful in implementing secure identity for small, medium, and large enterprise customers that leverages Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S).

Reasons to move off of Okta to Microsoft Azure AD

-About 80% of the customer's workload is from the Microsoft stack. The remaining 20% are mostly SaaS solutions largely used by developers and partly also Microsoft-based. Customers further have licensing for the EMS suite (which includes Azure AD Premium)*

-Making use of an all-Microsoft implementation makes architectural sense. It's simpler, easier to support, and saves money

-Azure AD just makes more sense here when weighing the pros and cons*

What's included in the Okta to Azure AD migration workshop over 2 weeks

Assessment Scope

Week 1


Inventory your Okta environment

  • Users

  • Applications

  • Security Controls

Week 2

  • Integrations

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Make intelligent decisions based on the usage of your environment

  • Learn about integrations and use cases that were previously unknown to IT and application owners

Note: The price and duration of the engagement can vary based on the complexity of the customer environment and the scope of the project

At a glance