Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: 4 week Proof of Concept

RSM Product Sales LLC

Track and report your Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This Proof of Concept will prove the tool can be an integral part of ESG reporting.

Sustainability is not just a catchphrase anymore. The SEC recently announced their intentions to have companies’ operations that are likely to have a material impact on the environment and their business publicly disclosed. The SEC is suggesting that companies report their greenhouse gas emissions over a period of time.

To help companies prepare for this reporting, RSM is offering a proof-of-concept engagement using Microsoft’s Sustainability Manager. This engagement will allow companies to track and report their Scope 1, and 2 emissions; Scope 3 emissions are also available to be tracked but not expected to be required for reporting in the short term.

This engagement is intended to utilize as much out-of-the-box functionality as possible to prove the features meet your company’s individual needs. The engagement will encompass the following:

  • Review your company’s reporting goals
  • Focus on your operations and business activities resulting in emissions that must be reported
  • Confirm the following out-of-the-box functionalities are a match for your company:
    • Reports (excel based emissions reports)
    • Models
    • Calculation profiles
    • Power BI dashboards
  • Leverage the US EPA emissions factor library as the basis to calculate your emissions
  • Provide import templates to collect your pertinent facility and corporate structure data
  • Calculate the revenue density per organizational unit
  • Build one of each of the following connection types to pull data to your Cloud
    • Flat file (excel/csv)
    • PDF
    • API connection to a utility company (if available and capable of using Power Query functionality)

The engagement is slated to be 4 weeks in duration consisting of design meetings, system configuration and testing. After the 4th week, the system will be available for your review for a full 30 days. If you choose to continue the trial system can be converted to a production system or the configurations can be migrated to another instance.

At the end of the engagement your company will have:

  • A working Microsoft SustainabilityManager that will be available for 30 days
    • The ability to export data and configurations from the trial instance
  • Three connections that can be used as templates for subsequent connection builds
  • Data created from these connections will be visible in the existing dashboards
  • Ability to provide a GHG emissions report using the out-of-the-box excel report

The following items are not included in the engagement but can be added at an additional cost:

  • Updates to the existing Power BI dashboards or creating new dashboards
  • Updates to existing reports and creating new reports
  • Additional connections
  • Custom coding to enable the connection to a specific utility
  • Any custom code, custom fields, workflows or automation other than what is expressly included in scope
  • Scope 3 emissions tracking
  • Import or manual creation of historical business activity

Proof of concept timeline:

  • Week 0
    • Setting up a trial environment
    • Provide data templates for Organization Unit (OU), Facility and Region to prepare for initial conversations
    • Request sample utility data and invoices
  • Week 1
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Product demonstration to project team
    • Provide import templates for revenue per OU
    • Discuss models and calculation profiles provided by Microsoft and confirm they are appropriate for your company
  • Week 2
    • Confirm supporting data
    • Begin building Connections
  • Week 3
    • Review and confirm connections
    • Initial run of models and calculation profiles
  • Week 4
    • Set up auto-refresh of calculation profiles
    • Set up connection schedules
    • Review and configure up to three scorecard items to track other company specific ESG efforts
    • Proof of concept is live and available to run for 30 days.

*Pricing will vary based on project scope.

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